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The Innovation Lab

Many innovators go through a frustrating process of trying to develop and implement new ideas. FSC’s innovation lab makes it easier to innovate

The Lab is home to bold, future-focused ideas and the people behind them. We work with partners on solutions at their early-stages, when uncertainty is great and support is hard to find.

That means helping organizations test and adopt breakthrough solutions for the future of work by fostering a low-takes environment that encourages teams to be bold, take risks and experiment.

We welcome new approaches that aim to make major contributions to skills development. 

Our guiding principles:

The Lab experiments with business strategies and scales them based on results.

The Lab favours an appetite for learning and experimentation over the ability to deliver immediate outcomes.

Our focus is to address future problems, not simply present ones.

The Lab promotes increased innovation, sharing and collective learning.

The advancement of ideas is based on evidence and data.

Innovation is driven by diversity and opportunities for all.

Group of individuals brainstorming at a desk with laptops and notepads on it.

Testing new ideas

Several of our partners are exploring innovative, future-looking solutions. Our focus is less on immediate outcomes and more on experimentation and testing that generates learning and new ways forward. One of the lab’s key initiatives is the Accelerator program, which provides additional funding and support for projects in a low-stakes, nurturing environment so partners can test new or unconventional approaches.

For instance, pointA identified a need to help small- and medium-sized businesses to adapt to hybrid work environments and began developing a new product. By supporting these and other organizations in pursuing new ideas, FSC is helping to meet the challenges of an evolving labour market.

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Partners engaging with the Innovation Lab

Norther College lights campus from outside.

CLIMB: Continuous Learning for Individuals’ Mid-career and Beyond

Mid-career workers are most vulnerable to disruption of the labour market but there is little…
Two young individuals high fiving while they work on a laptop.

ELITE program for Black youth

Black youths gain access to hands-on learning and paid work-integrated training in science, technology, engineering,…
Students in a computer lab with teacher pointing at screen.

Free education for an inclusive economy

This research project examines free education in a town grappling with unemployment and recession.
Woman in wheelchair working from home looking at dual computer screens.

Remote work strategies for small businesses

Owners and operators of SMEs will learn the innovation skills to develop a long-term remote…
A group of students sitting outside on university campus.

Shock-proofing skills for the not-for-profit sector

Current and future not-for-profit managers will gain knowledge and skills to build resilience and growth…
Young woman with virtual reality headset.

New Brunswick digital career exploration

Youth explore in-demand career paths and connect with industry experts through virtual tours and workplace…
Person attends a video chat on a laptop

Atlantic Autism Supports and Employment Network (AASEN)

Individuals on the autism spectrum connect to job opportunities and local employment supports in Atlantic…
Father working on laptop near mother laying down with daughter.

Newfoundland newcomer employment resilience network

Immigrants with skills in professional fields benefit from knowledge exchange, mentoring and networking to improve…
Two gentlemen sawing a piece of wood together.

Construction with a purpose

Vulnerable individuals facing homelessness gain skills training and supports to help transition into in-demand construction…
Group of students around a table smiling.

Language learning for young newcomers

BCIT students pursuing skilled jobs receive English language training and content to support them in…
Group photo of construction graduates wearing hard hats.

Workforce 2030: Rapid upskilling for green building

More than 500 workers affected by the pandemic will benefit from training in the green…
Young woman repairing airplane motor.

Aiming higher: Micro-credential training in aviation and aerospace

Innovative training and upskilling in the aerospace and aviation sector benefits workers and the industry.
Young girl with headphones using a bandsaw in woodworking class.

Empowering young moms in Northern Manitoba

Young mothers benefit from career exploration, development and skill building.
Group of young woman clapping during an event.

Services to social impact

Young women will transition out of the services sector and into social entrepreneurship as this…
Hotel staff folding sheets.

Micro but mighty: micro-credentials for a recovering hospitality industry

Displaced hospitality and food service industry workers will gain micro-credentials to build skills and take…
Highschool students holding up sign with science symbols.

STEM skills and an innovation mindset for youth

This project develops STEM skills and an innovation mindset among youth.
Construction worker holding laptop and wearing a clinical mask.


This project is a bridging program for students and workers in Newfoundland & Labrador that…
Group of students looking at a piece of paper and discussing.


Craft, an online marketplace, enables artists and designers to sell their work and services while…
Image of Fraser Valley Farmland.

The future of food through agricultural technology

This ground-breaking research explores the potential of cellular agriculture – food created in a lab…
Grocery store cashier wearing a medical mask and face shield.

On the frontlines of crisis training program

This project is designed for youth with skills gaps by providing training in the culinary…
A personal support worker handing medication to an elderly man.

Futureproofing the PSW workforce

Personal support workers (PSWs) will engage in timely and accessible education, partnered advocacy, and professional…
Image of individuals smiling at the camera.


This research will provide data that enables the Yonge Street Mission to better understand and…