Areas of Impact

The Future Skills Centre (FSC) drives innovation in skills development and employment training to ensure that all Canadians are prepared for the future of work and have equitable access to economic opportunities.

We work with researchers, practitioners, post-secondary institutions, employers and policy makers to solve pressing labour market challenges in a way that is beneficial for people and their communities, for businesses, and for Canada’s future economic prosperity – with an unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We consolidate leading thinking from across the country to shape the skills research and innovation agenda for the future.

Impact Story #1

For years, Kenneth struggled with employability and mental health challenges. He found help in a program from which FSC could learn insights on how to break costly cycles of dependence on social assistance and increase employability among those most distant from the labour market.

We partner with higher ed, corporate, and training organizations to test and evaluate innovative solutions to labour force challenges and create positive change in job training and career guidance services.

Impact Story #2

Felipe was a mechanical engineer who lost his job in the energy sector in Calgary. But he was highly-skilled and found a program that would help him upskill and pivot to the high-growth IT sector. FSC helps transition talent to emerging economies and address the skills mismatch in the labour market.

We activate and connect the skills development networks and governments across Canada to scale or adapt pilots that have developed winning solutions and deliver policy change.

Impact Story #3

Saeed immigrated from Iran with 10 years of experience in private banking but he needed Canadian experience to enter the Nova Scotia job market. He joined a program that guided his path to employment. FSC helps strengthen and integrate our immigration system and labour market pathways.

How FSC supports partners in skills development across Canada

FSC has helped 10,000+ Canadians receive hands-on skills training so far through partnerships to deliver 170+ innovation projects that provide insights or solutions to workforce challenges. 

We aim to elevate solutions that are showing early signs of success in helping to transform the way our workforce system prepares workers for the future of work and that have potential for wider impact through regional or sectoral replication, adaptation or broader scale expansion.