The Future Skills Centre is dedicated to helping Canadians gain the skills they need to thrive in a changing labour market.

Boosting skills upgrades in key economic sectors

From agriculture to health care, to cybersecurity and the blue economy, we are partnering with employers and industry leaders across Canada on projects that advance institutional and systemic change.

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Boosting skills upgrades in key economic sectors

We’re investing in key partnerships to support skills development and research in sectors of the…
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Technological Transformations and the Automotive Services Industry

This report examines the challenges facing the automotive services industry in Québec as it transitions…

Skills development in the North: an ecosystem shaped by distinct challenges

The Northern skills ecosystem is shaped by distinct challenges. This primer discusses how these challenges…
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The big shift: changes in Canadian manufacturing employment, 2003-2018, Full Report

Despite the significant attention paid to Canada’s loss of manufacturing jobs at a broader level,…
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Learning Bulletins, sharing knowledge and insights

Learning insights that gather research and early findings from our innovation projects to help navigate…
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Lessons learned: The pandemic and learning from home in Canada

The Survey on Employment and Skills, conducted by the Environics Institute for Survey Research in…
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Practitioner Data Initiative (PDI)

The Practitioner Data Initiative (PDI) is a pan-Canadian project of the Future Skills Centre (FSC)…
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Bandwidth: The Future of Work with Pedro Barataexternal link icon

Takara Small interviews Pedro Barata on the Bandwidth podcast. They discuss how organizations are preparing…

Focus on artificial intelligence and technological disruption

Global reliance on technology has increased as our daily activities moved online during the COVID-19…
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