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Empowering energy workers to gain new skills

For over 100 years, oil and gas have been central to our country’s economy. But the industry is changing. See how we’re equipping today’s energy workers with the skills they need to succeed tomorrow.

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Community of Practice

Our Community of Practice is a virtual space that brings together practitioners in the skills-training ecosystem. Researchers, employment and training service providers and anyone interested in skills development are welcome to join!


We collaborate with researchers across Canada to build knowledge on critical issues relevant to skills development. Our research helps Canadians to better understand future skills priorities, knowledge gaps, best practices, and how to address these demands.

The Future Skills Centre is dedicated to helping Canadians gain the skills they need to thrive in a changing labour market.

A forward-looking organization, FSC prototypes, tests, and measures new and innovative approaches to skills development and training. We are passionate about building a resilient learning nation, backed by an agile and responsive skills ecosystem.


Women looking pensively

Women over 65 facing significant mental health decline, while younger women continue to struggle, new Environics Institute survey shows

Overall, Canadians’ mental health declines during pandemic Toronto, June 2, 2021 – The pandemic has affected the health of all Canadians but it has exacted a […]
Construction Worker

Widening inequality: The pandemic’s effects on jobs and income

Toronto, May 17, 2021 – The workers hardest hit by job loss or a reduction…

Innovation Projects

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Two-eyed seeing network

This network aims to bridge the gaps between Indigenous youth and BC industry to facilitate…
Women in construction gear standing infront of a building frame.

North Coast skills hub

This virtual platform will serve as a skills training and career development tool for people…


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Work at home or live at work: The complexities of new working arrangements

This survey report explores both the positive and negative experiences with working from home, and…
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Learning Together: STEM Outreach Programs for Indigenous Students

In Learning Together: STEM Outreach Programs for Indigenous Students, we were interested in free STEM…

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