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Future Skills Centre Podcast

Canada is facing wide-reaching demographic and technological changes that pose increasingly significant challenges to the world of work. The Future Skills Centre Podcast, presented by FSC and the Conference Board of Canada, explores these crucial emerging challenges to the future of work. In each episode, we will unpack a unique issue facing Canadians and hear from varying perspectives—such as community members, decision-makers, and thought leaders—to discuss solutions and paths forward.

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Season Two

Episode 6: Skills for the Digital Economy

Technological change is affecting every sector, and these changes shift the roles
and the skills in demand. Our guests share their perspectives on what needs to
happen to ensure Canada has the skilled talent it needs to take full advantage of the
growing digital economy. We hear about two rapid training initiatives that seek to
help their learners transition mid-career to jobs in the digital economy.

This episode features interviews with Namir Anani, President & CEO, Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC); Rushmi Hasham, Director, Development and Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Programs, Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst; and Nathalie Sanon, Head, Training Program, IVADO.

Episode 5: Skills for the Clean Economy

In the face of the climate crisis, shifting to more carbon-neutral economic activities
is a necessity. The growth of this clean economy can also be an opportunity—
for individuals to have in-demand and meaningful careers, and for Canada to
become a global leader in this area. In this episode, we hear from three Canadian
organizations. Our guests tell us about the growing clean technology and blue
economy sectors, and about the skills needed in these sectors, and share their
insights on what needs to happen to support the development of a strong workforce
in the clean economy.

Darren Gresch, Senior Research Associate, Innovation and Technology, The Conference Board of Canada, Jeanette Jackson, CEO, Foresight Canada and Yogendra Chaudhry, Vice-President of Professional Services, ECO Canada provide valuable insights in this episode.

Episode 4: Putting Microcredentials into Practice

Microcredentials are a recognition of learning, assessing specific competencies and addressing employer needs. In this episode, we discuss the rise of microcredentials, their potential, and ongoing challenges such as coordination across Canada and assessment quality.

Our guests provide perspectives from industry and from post-secondary education and include Emma Gooch from eCampusOntario, Kerri Korabelnikov from Red River College Polytechnic, and Theresa Davis-Woodhouse from the Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace.

Episode 3: Supporting the future of small businesses and entrepreneurs through skills development 

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are an important part of the Canadian economy and the workplace of many Canadians. But these businesses face steep difficulties in the coming years as COVID-19 government supports end. How can SMEs tackle challenges, such as skill and labour shortages, to flourish as businesses and employers?

In this episode we speak to three guests about the economic trends and opportunities facing SMEs in their region, from remote-first small businesses to new jobs in the green economy. They discuss the skills, roles, and supports needed to take advantage of these opportunities.

With the participation of Jason Rasevych, Anishnawbe Business Professional Association, Patrick Sullivan, Halifax Chamber of Commerce, and Dorinda So, Point A.

Episode 2: Adapting to change: The case of Canada’s Hospitality and Tourism Industry 

Restaurants, hotels, and attractions across Canada are an important place of work, particularly for youth, students, and newcomers to Canada. But with cycles of closures and layoffs, health and safety concerns, and new enforcement requirements due to COVID-19, there has been an exodus of workers from the hospitality and tourism industry. How are businesses rethinking their hiring, training, and compensation practices to adapt and recover?

This episode explores issues of workforce development and business strategy in the hospitality and tourism industry, in conversation with Matt Pearson from Living Waters Resorts, Krista Bax from go2HR, and Adam Morrison from OTEC. We also hear firsthand from a business about their experiences.

Episode 1: Youth Employment and Skills Training for  an Inclusive Recovery 

We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat.  

We know that COVID-19 has had disproportionate economic impacts on certain  groups, including women, youth, Indigenous peoples, and newcomers to Canada.  We are experiencing an undesirable “K-shaped recovery” where certain individuals and sectors recover more quickly than others. 

This episode highlights key challenges facing certain groups—such as Indigenous students and youth  more broadly—when it comes to education and employment during the pandemic. We make the case  for a more inclusive skills training strategy, that give all workers the skills to navigate a changing  economy (and provides businesses the workers with the skills to help them adapt to future technological  changes and economic shocks).  

Kory Wilson from BCIT, and Chris Duff and Erick Pelayo Aubert from the Canadian Council for Youth  Prosperity join us to share their perspectives. 

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