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Future Skills Centre Podcast

Canada is facing wide-reaching demographic, environmental and technological changes that are posing increasingly significant challenges to the world of work.

The FSC Podcast, presented with The Conference Board of Canada, features conversations with leading voices to unpack these issues and more facing employers, workers and policy makers in Canada. Subscribe and listen to gain a deeper understanding of the solutions forward and employment pathways for the future of work.

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Season THREE

Episode 5: Indigenous youth entering the labour market

350,000 Indigenous youth are set to come of age by 2026, offering unique contributions as they enter the workforce. Discover the multifaceted impacts of Indigenous youth on the labour market as two distinguished experts delve into this topic. In this episode, they explore the challenges, opportunities, and incredible value that Indigenous youth bring to the modern job market and how companies can advance inclusive environments that honor and integrate Indigenous traditions, thereby empowering young Indigenous employees to bring their authentic selves to work. We also learn about some of the collaborative approaches between employers, educational institutions, and Indigenous communities to bridge the gap and foster increased opportunities for Indigenous youth.

Episode 4: Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity is a range of different ways of thinking, interacting, and processing
information, and is especially important to the future of work. In this episode,
experts in neurodiversity in the workplace join us to discuss the immense potential
of neurodiverse individuals in professional settings. Our guests share practical
strategies and valuable insights for employers looking to create supportive
environments for neurodiverse employees—from implementing accommodations
for all to fostering inclusive company cultures.

Episode 3: Women Entrepreneurship

In 2020, women accounted for only 16.8% of majority owners of Small and Medium‐sized Enterprises (SMEs). In this episode, we consider the experience of women in entrepreneurship, the barriers that impede them from participating and the recent growth of women-created businesses. Our guests are leaders at a large employer and an organization that works to help women entrepreneurs and the networks that support them easily connect and collaborate. They share their personal and professional experiences, provide insights on opportunities and barriers, and discuss suggestions for potential future and current women entrepreneurs across Canada.

Episode 2: Newcomer Integration in Canada: New Brunswick Example

In 2022, Canada welcomed a record number of newcomers to the country: over 431,000 new permanent residents. In this episode, we consider the issue of the economic and employment integration of newcomers to Canada, focusing on the New Brunswick context. Our guests are leaders at a large, local employer and at an organization that works to enable newcomers to participate fully in the province’s society. They share their personal and professional experiences and provide insights and suggestions for communities, employers, and the skills ecosystem across Canada.

Episode 1: Understanding Labour Shortages in Canada

More people are working than before the pandemic, yet there is still more demand for labour than there is supply. In this episode, our guests share insights on the economic context surrounding these shortages and the implications for Canadian businesses. We discuss what all this means for skills leaders, employers, and workers. (In French only)

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