Welcome to our team page. Below is a listing of our various teams and their members. Use the menu on the left to jump to any particular team.

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Charles-Antoine Dubois

Bilingual Communications Specialist
Mary Ann Gratton Mary Ann Gratton

Mary Ann Gratton

Senior Writer
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Babur Jahid

Administrative Assistant
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Nathan Nash

Digital Experience Manager
Annamaria Nunziata Annamaria Nunziata

Annamaria Nunziata

Communications Specialist
Eglantine Ronfard Eglantine Ronfard

Eglantine Ronfard

Communications Manager
Anne-Marie Vettorel Anne-Marie Vettorel

Anne-Marie Vettorel

Digital Communications Specialist


Fiona Deller Fiona Deller

Fiona Deller

Chief Strategy and Operations Officer
Arshdeep Aulakh Arshdeep Aulakh

Arshdeep Aulakh

Project Coordinator
Joanne Begg Joanne Begg

Joanne Begg

Administrative and Operations Coordinator

Rebecca Chu

Administrative Coordinator
Sarah Gaikwad Sarah Gaikwad

Sarah Gaikwad

Senior Manager, Operations
Cheryl Gordon Cheryl Gordon

Cheryl Gordon

Senior Manager
treasa joseph treasa joseph

Treasa Joseph

Business and Financial Analyst
Natalia Calijorne Natalia Calijorne

Natalia Peixoto Calijorne

Contracts Coordinator
Josie Pierre Josie Pierre

Josie Pierre

Translation Specialist
Meghan MacLean Meghan MacLean

Meghan Pollock

Operations Manager
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Ingrid Sylvester

Project Coordinator
Harmeet Toor Harmeet Toor

Harmeet Toor

Bilingual Project Coordinator
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Natalie Waldbrook

Research Associate

Innovation and Practice

Desirée Lopes b/w portrait Desirée Lopes portrait

Desirée Lopes

Director, Innovation and Practice
Robyn Bidgood headshot in black and white Robyn Bidgood headshot

Robyn Bidgood

Administrative Assistant

Gordon Chan

Innovation Lab Manager
David Harris-Koblin portrait

David Harris-Koblin

Innovation Lab Specialist
Ramsha Naveed Ramsha Naveed

Ramsha Naveed

Innovation Lab Specialist

Government and Public Affairs

Noel-Baldwin Noel Baldwin

Noel Baldwin

Director, Government and Public Affairs
Nancy Adossi Nancy Adossi

Nancy Adossi

Senior Bilingual Policy Analyst
Hilary Hagar Hilary Hagar

Hilary Hagar

Policy Analyst
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Babur Jahid

Administrative Assistant
Ghazala Knight Ghazala Knight

Ghazala Knight

Policy Analyst
Steve Richter Steve Richter

Steve Richter

Senior Bilingual Policy Analyst


Tricia Williams Tricia Williams

Tricia Williams

Director, Research, Evaluation and Knowledge Mobilization
Herleen Arora Herleen Arora

Herleen Arora

Partnership Development Officer
chloe-marie brown Chloe-Marie Brown

Chloe-Marie Brown

Project Coordinator
Eleanor Buxton Eleanor Buxton

Eleanor Buxton

Project Coordinator
Michael Cuenco Michael Cuenco

Michael Cuenco

Research Associate
Samir Khan Samir Khan

Samir Khan

Senior Research and Evaluation Associate

Christian Noumi

Project Coordinator
Aytaj Pashayeva Aytaj Pashayeva

Aytaj Pashayeva

Programs Manager
Sagal Shuriye Sagal Shuriye

Sagal Shuriye

Project Coordinator

Rachelle Taheri

Research Associate
Evgenios T Headshot Evgenios T Headshot

Evgenios Theodoropoulos

Senior Research Associate