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Key Theme

Tech and Automation

Technological change is having a profound effect on nearly all aspects of society and the world of work. Improving our understanding of how technology is reshaping work is key to understanding the skills needed to create technology and to navigate it. 

We invest in projects testing the impacts of technological adoption and the role of digital skills in equipping Canadians and businesses to thrive in a dynamic labour market.

Key Insights

Digital technologies are reshaping the skills development ecosystem, from design and delivery to recognition.

Digital skills are critically important across all occupations.

Human-oriented skills are a critical complement in the adoption and effectiveness of new technologies.

Digital tools and the skills ecosystem: a double-edge sword

Artificial intelligence and the future of work

The Issue: Digital literacy is essential

Widespread adoption of technology has led to the digitalization of a range of economic and employment-related activities. Businesses and educational institutions accelerated their digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic, and consumers are increasingly demanding online delivery of the goods and services they rely on. 

Technology has become so embedded across most sectors of the economy that the development and use of digital technologies in employment is now commonplace. The role of technology in work and learning demands new consideration as the trend toward digitalization has altered not only the volume of employment but also the nature of most jobs. Skills training will need to evolve along with the growing demand for technological skills as digitally-enabled and digitally-enhanced employment intensifies.

Why It Matters

Technological advances are permeating the skills development ecosystem, generating innovative techniques and approaches to how we understand skills in demand and how we deliver skills training. At the same time, the use of digital tools and applications in nearly every facet of life has become commonplace, especially among youth. 

There is an opportunity to enhance employment outcomes through the provision of digital skills and creation of new digital technologies. In our increasingly complex world of work, digital skills and technologies will play a key role in achieving inclusive growth, quality employment and shared prosperity.

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