We’re making a $37 million investment into innovative and community-based programs to find solutions to Canada’s changing workforce

With a strong focus on how we can provide meaningful action for our community’s disadvantaged and underrepresented groups, the Future Skills Centre is investing in 30 new projects to fill employers’ skills gaps and help workers gain in-demand skills in this post-pandemic period.

This $37-million investment into community-based programs focuses on the needs of diverse Canadian workers and employers by exploring innovative approaches to training and upskilling for emerging and in-demand skills.

These 30 projects span all regions of the country and are the result of consultations with stakeholders across Canada’s skills ecosystem. They were selected after an extensive review of hundreds of submissions to a call for proposals we established last year.

With a strong focus on how we can provide meaningful action for Canada’s disadvantaged and underrepresented groups, the projects cover four major themes. 

They range from leveraging people and AI technology, to training, reskilling, and adapting within industries facing chronic skills shortages, to radical new approaches to training and learning in order to build capacity to creating an inclusive workforce for the future by not leaving anyone behind. By applying a rigorous evaluation strategy to all our projects, the Future Skills Centre is keen to work with these partners to help every Canadian succeed in a changing workplace.

Funding for Innovation Projects

We’re working with 30 new projects as part of a $37-million investment into community-based programs focused on the diverse needs of Canadians

We’re exploring innovative approaches to support Canadians transitioning to new jobs or industries. This $37-million investment into community-based programs focus on agile and responsive solutions to labour market changes that are urgently needed to address the devastating economic and social fallout from COVID-19

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Featured Projects

A worker looking up at an oil rig.

Transition to a New Tomorrow

Unique professional development program to support mid-career oil and gas workers
Overhead view of group of Indigenous people smiling

Upskill and Certify Indigenous Child and Youth Practitioners

Create innovative educational opportunities that reduce barriers to Indigenous peoples’ participation and increase the number of Indigenous youth workers with postsecondary certificates who have marketable skills.
Person giving a whiteboard presentation to a group

Career Advancement for Immigrant Professionals

Help underemployed immigrant professionals overcome barriers to career advancement and help employers retain and leverage newcomer talent.
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Evaluation Strategy

We focus on generating high-quality evidence about innovation projects to help practitioners and policy makers understand how they can learn, improve, and maximize their impact.

Our approach to evaluation combines a systematic approach to measuring outcomes across innovation projects, with the flexibility to customize designs to the purpose, context, and goals of each project.

We work closely with innovation project partners to ensure we are measuring what matters most – ensuring that findings not only contribute to a broader evidence base on what works, but also inform the day-to-practices and decision-making of our partners.

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Assessing and Developing Workplace Employability Skills with ESAT

Development of the Employability Skills Assessment Tool (ESAT), a cloud-based tool to measure an individual’s social & emotional/employability skills.

Workplace Inclusion Charter Expansion

Connect under-utilized talent pools with local employers in Kingston through the implementation of the Workplace Inclusion Charter program.

Digital Fluency Stackable Micro-credentials for the Workforce

Development and delivery of a series of three stackable micro-credentials for workers who are disadvantaged due to a lack of digital fluency which is a core employment skillset across Canadian industry.

In Motion & Momentum (IM&M): Building Resilience, Hope and Sustainable Futures

Program to assist those distant from the labour market acquire critical life and employability skills.

Bridging the Gap: A Learning Platform and Marketplace for Job-seekers and Employers

A scalable system that assesses competencies (using AI based work-related tasks) and issues micro-credentials to job-seekers.

What works for work? Employment Integration in Youth Service Hubs Across Canada

The project implements and tests the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) intervention among youth who are not in education, employment or training.

The Indigenous Employment Hub

The Indigenous Employment Hub can help meet labour needs for future (infrastructure) projects in B.C. and become a model for creating meaningful employment opportunities for Indigenous people.

CRADLE: the Canadian Remote Access for Dementia Learning Experiences

The first, fully-online, multilingual education opportunity specifically designed for historically isolated, unregulated care workers.
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The Future Skills Centre is a forward-thinking centre for research and collaboration dedicated to preparing Canadians for employment success and meeting the emerging talent needs of employers. As a pan-Canadian community, we bring together experts and organizations across sectors to rigorously identify, assess, and share innovative approaches to develop the skills and work environments to drive prosperity and inclusion.