Craft, a new initiative by OCAD University, is an online marketplace where artists and designers can sell their work while developing skills to thrive in a just economy. Craft builds on the legacy of OCADU’s leading artists and creative entrepreneurs while pioneering a new model of collaborative entrepreneurship.

As a platform cooperative, Craft is modelled as an equitable and democratic business collective that empowers, instead of exploits, creatives. Through the platform, Craft members will earn income while also accessing bespoke creative entrepreneurship training designed to help them build the economic and professional resilience and collective strength needed to flourish, even in the face of ongoing uncertainty.

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The Future Skills Centre is investing more than $1.7 Million over the next two years to help ensure the successful launch of this initiative. By creating the conditions for more equitable participation within a continuous learning environment, Craft is paving the way for more collaborative and innovative models of business. Craft will be the first Canadian platform co-operative of its kind.


Ce projet sera évalué à l’aide d’outils et de méthodes qui concordent avec ses objectifs, son contexte et son stade de développement. L’évaluation mettra l’accent sur la production de données probantes pertinentes et au bon moment, afin de faire progresser l’intervention. Lisez-en plus sur notre stratégie d’évaluation.

Projets en vedette

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