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Tutoring in the Age of COVID-19: A Case Study of the Study Buddy Program

In Canada, education is one of the strongest drivers of social mobility; yet persistent gaps remain in academic achievement, contributing to unequal outcomes in employment, health and belonging for members of equity-deserving groups. Research on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown a need for creating unique approaches for supporting the academic achievement of students from equity-deserving families.

During the pandemic the systemic barriers embedded in the education system were compounded by a lack of tailored supports and resources for students. Parents supporting their children’s academic needs in a virtual setting faced the hardship of accessing educational support while fulfilling their own daily obligations. The Study Buddy program was launched in May 2020 as a solution to these challenges.

As this report shows, Study Buddy has been of tremendous benefit for students and parents from equity-deserving groups, as well as for tutors who provided services. The program resulted in families feeling more comfortable and confident with online learning and school work. Students and tutors alike developed problem-solving, decision-making, interpersonal and technology skills, all of which play a role in academic success. Apart from helping with skills development, students and families noted the program’s ability to make them feel less anxious, provide enjoyable interaction and support, and inspire hope for the future. Teacher candidates reported that the program helped them to develop critical skills, including teaching and learning, interpersonal, and problem-solving and decision making.

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