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Tackling skills shortages now and in the future

Canada’s labour market is feeling the strain of the current skills shortage. According to the Conference Board of Canada, skills-related job vacancies are costing our economy as much as $25 billion in 2020 – about 1.3% of our GDP.

In order to help respond to these skills shortages, the Future Skills Centre is investing $19 million in the expansion of 13 training and career service programs across Canada.

These programs have the potential to expand their scope to benefit broader communities or more businesses in industries including construction, health care and information technology. They will respond to employers’ needs for a skilled workforce by providing workers with rapid training for in-demand skills, facilitating the transition from other sectors to industries currently hiring, and reaching more regions and sectors. 

Postsecondary institutions, training organizations and employers in several provinces are working together to deliver these programs to test and implement innovative training and career transition approaches that will help workers, employers and industries adapt and thrive in the economy of the future.

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Discover the 13 innovation projects

Person wearing blue hard hat and smiling

Virtual recruitment & assessment for the unionized construction industry

Project to create a virtual recruitment and assessment centre in four regions across Canada to recruit underrepresented populations into the unionized construction industry.
Standing care worker leaning in to smile at senior seated on a couch

Scaling up the Canadian Remote Access for Dementia Learning Experiences (CRADLE+)

The first, fully-online, multilingual education opportunity specifically designed for historically isolated, unregulated care workers.
Standing person leaning in to help a seated person

Reboot Plus Expanded

First-of-its-kind program in Canada will help youth who haven’t finished high school to re-engage in…
Hands gesticulating in front of open laptop; person on laptop in background

InTeRN: a young, northern workforce enters the world of ICT

A two-year network computer technology program geared to providing entry level skills and supports to…
A technician working on an injection mold

Rapid upskilling and reskilling for in-demand industry jobs

Training to fill vacancies in the mold-making and injection-molding trades
Presenter in front of a slide entitled

Workplace Inclusion Charter Expansion

Connect under-utilized talent pools with local employers in Kingston through the implementation of the Workplace…
Indigenous Canadian using a mobile device

Project Connect: Technology-enabled learning for Métis communities

Project Connect will design and test an online delivery model for a professional project administrator…
Overhead view of group of Indigenous people smiling

Upskill and certify Indigenous child and youth practitioners

Create innovative educational opportunities that reduce barriers to Indigenous peoples’ participation and increase the number…
Computer screen showing equipment eLearning module

Tech-enabled learning programs for the mining industry

Project will be three two-week unique, demand-driven, and blended-learning training programs using VR, eLearning, simulations…
Person giving a whiteboard presentation to a group

Career Advancement for Immigrant Professionals 2.0

Help underemployed immigrant professionals overcome barriers to career advancement and help employers retain and leverage…
Young student video conferencing his teacher through a computer

Early Childhood Education Lab

We are looking to understand what it means for educators to thrive in their career;…
A young indigenous woman in a library.

Indigenous ICT Development Centre

Exploring approaches to build awareness and capacity in the information and communications technology sector for…