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Training for digital skills

The Challenge Rachneet Randhawa had just finished a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, economics and sustainability studies. She wanted to find a career that fit her...

Accelerating the future of tech

The Challenge At age 16, Joshua was grappling with depression and dealing with challenges at home and school. Life felt overwhelming, and he dropped out...

Transitions from energy to tech

The Challenge Forty-six year-old Felipe Moreno was a mechanical engineer in the Calgary oil and gas sector for 15 years. After his company was bought...

Supporting independence from social assistance

The Challenge Kenneth found it hard to stay positive after repeatedly being rejected for jobs or only landing short-term positions. He had faced mental health...

Accelerating newcomer potential

The Challenge Saeed Fallah planned to settle in Nova Scotia after he arrived in Canada. For 10 years, he had held different roles at a...

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