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Recovery of Canada’s Labour Market After the COVID-19 Pandemic

By the end of 2022 job postings were up across the country, exceeding pre-pandemic levels. The Canadian labour market in 2022 carried over  (PDF file) similar themes...

Could engaging mature adults in skills training be the key to addressing Canada’s labour shortage?

Canada is facing an unprecedented shortage of skilled workers. According to data from Statistics Canada, the unemployment to job vacancy ratio was at a record...

Employer-sponsored skills training vital in Canada’s changing workforce landscape

In Canada, employer-sponsored training is crucial to ensuring that employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the demands of a constantly-evolving job market....

The trucker paradox and labour market information

After spending over a decade in workforce development where I’ve designed and evaluated numerous initiatives, and in my current role at Magnet where I lead...

Two ways we can connect more adults to career services in Canada

In Canada, only 19% of adults report using career services – lower than in other OECD countries. Recently LMIC launched its latest insight report in...

Adults and career services: Three key findings

When I moved to Canada, I was completely clueless about the education system, the labour market and career pathways. So much so, that I struggled...

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