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Opportunity for All: Improving Workplace Experiences and Career Outcomes for Canadians With Disabilities

In this research, we analyze the findings of 30 interviews of Canadian working professionals with disabilities who have expertise in accessible employment. What key barriers limit career advancement for people with disabilities (PwD)? What can employers do to reduce barriers and improve career opportunities for PwD? What can governments do? Read the issue briefing to get our full analysis.

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Key findings

People with disabilities (PwD) are over-represented in low-paying jobs that are at high risk of automation, including jobs as retail salespeople, cashiers, light duty cleaners, and transport truck drivers.

Key barriers that limit career advancement for PwD include ableism in the workplace, difficulty securing required accommodations, risk of losing government assistance and/or employer benefits, and lower self-confidence and motivation caused by repeated negative experiences in the workplace.

Canadian employers can improve career opportunities for PwD by providing more disability awareness training in the workplace, implementing accessible recruitment and onboarding strategies, and providing necessary accommodations from the start of recruitment and onboarding.