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Indigenizing Corporate Canada

This research focuses on career pathways for Indigenous professionals in finance and management.

As highlighted by recent Conference Board research, Indigenous finance and management professionals play a catalytic role in helping Indigenous communities and businesses access capital, broker partnerships, and manage their financial wealth. However, relative to the size of Canada’s Indigenous population, and given the growing demand for their services, Indigenous finance and management professionals continue to be underrepresented in Canada’s labour force.

This project will examine the major push and pull factors that shape career pathways for Indigenous professionals in finance and management. It will also identify associated career resources and supports that can assist Indigenous finance and management professionals as they establish their careers.

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Woman power and leadership in today's human resources

Skills Gaps, Underemployment, and Equity of Labour-Market Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities in Canada

While people with disabilities can achieve socially integrated, financially independent lives through secure, well-paid employment, they are often trapped in low-skill jobs at high risk of automation.
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Employment Gaps and Underemployment for Racialized Groups and Immigrants in Canada: Current Findings and Future Directions

“Foreign-sounding names” are 20 to 40 per cent less likely to get a call-back for a job interview, depending on company size.

Bridging the Digital Skills Gap: Alternative Pathways

Digital skills and digital careers are part of every industry’s future. Yet employers say they can’t find workers with the information and communication technology (ICT) […]
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