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Indigenizing Corporate Canada

This research focuses on career pathways for Indigenous professionals in finance and management.

As highlighted by recent Conference Board research, Indigenous finance and management professionals play a catalytic role in helping Indigenous communities and businesses access capital, broker partnerships, and manage their financial wealth. However, relative to the size of Canada’s Indigenous population, and given the growing demand for their services, Indigenous finance and management professionals continue to be underrepresented in Canada’s labour force.

This project will examine the major push and pull factors that shape career pathways for Indigenous professionals in finance and management. It will also identify associated career resources and supports that can assist Indigenous finance and management professionals as they establish their careers.

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Digital Differences: The impact of automation on the Indigenous economy in Canada

How is technological change, and specifically automation, affecting Indigenous workers in Canada? Digital Differences looks at the impact of automation on the Indigenous economy by industry and region.

Understanding the Nature and Experience of Gig Work in Canada

Gig work & gig workers are on the rise, fueled by technology that makes this form of work more easily accessible. What does this mean for Canada’s labour market and how should we respond? Understanding how workers enter, navigate and experience the gig economy is a critical component to better understanding what policies are required to best protect and support them. This report explores what we know, and what we need to know, about the nature of Canada’s gig economy and the experiences of its workers.
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Mapping the Landscape: Indigenous Skills Training and Jobs in Canada

Indigenous businesses are growing and — importantly — creating employment for others. Further, self-employment and entrepreneurship is increasing. If there is an opportunity for the next generation, and for current adult workers, to leapfrog into the future of Canadian work, it may very well be through Indigenous-led business.
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