The Future Skills Research Network is an expanding and diverse group of scholars, experts, practitioners and other stakeholders actively engaged in research on future skills and the future of work. This national network is helping to inform and advance the Future Skills Centre’s research agenda by providing access to network members’ deep experience with skills development and their subject matter and methodological expertise. The Future Skills Research Network is also designed to help facilitate knowledge sharing and spark collaborations between members, both as a part of the Centre’s work as well as the wider future skills research agenda.

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Blandine Emilien

Assistant professor in Human Resource Management (HRM), The School of Management of Université du Québec a Montréal.
University of Quebec at Montreal
Blandine Emilien is an assistant professor in Human Resource Management (HRM) at the School of management of Université du Québec a Montréal. Also a member...

Sara Pérez-Lauzon

Postdoctoral Researcher
Leicester University (UK)
Sara Pérez-Lauzon is a postdoctoral researcher at Leicester University (UK), affiliated with CRIMT research network. She completed her PhD at HEC Montréal, exploring SMEs’ strategies...

Nirvana Garreffa

Digital Product Lead
Nirvana works within strategy, research, and design and is currently pursuing a Masters in Strategic Foresight and Innovation. Through human-centred design practices, she hopes to...

Lena Patterson

Senior Director – Programs and Stakeholder Relations
Lena is an education and innovation leader known for connecting diverse stakeholders to co-create high-value educational programming related to life-long learning and technology. She has...

Catrina Kronfli

Senior Policy Analyst
Ontario Chamber of Commerce
Catrina Kronfli is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC). Since joining the OCC in August 2018, she has authored seven...

Patrick Egbunonu

Associate Dean of the School of Business
St Lawrence College
Patrick is the Associate Dean of the School of Business at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, ON. He is also enrolled in a PhD program...

Dr. Murtaza Haider

Professor of Data Science and Real Estate Management at Ryerson University; Research Director of the Urban Analytics Institute.
Ryerson University
Murtaza is a professor of Data Science and Real Estate Management at Ryerson University. He also serves as the research director of the Urban Analytics...

Shamira Madhany

Managing Director, Deputy Executive Director
World Education Services
Shamira Madhany joined WES in 2018 after more than two decades of public service. She has extensive experience working with licensing bodies, settlement agencies, and...

Anjum Sultana

National Director of Public Policy & Strategic Communications
YWCA Canada
Anjum Sultana (She/Her) is an award-winning public affairs strategist, sought-after media commentator, accomplished public speaker, and published health equity researcher with expertise in gender equity,...

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