Blandine Emilien is an assistant professor in Human Resource Management (HRM) at the School of management of Université du Québec a Montréal. Also a member of the CRIMT (Interuniversity research centre on globalization and work), Blandine has developed an interest in undertaking research that helps better understand the extent to which adequate HRM practices-mainly staffing, skill development and talent management- are developed across distinct industries and types of organizations in an attempt to achieve decent work. At times taking a comparative lens within the same industries or geographical regions, her research projects have initially focused on the call centre industry in Mauritius and aerospace in Canada and abroad. To date, the recruitment process of migrant workers in the Québec food-processing industry and the rethinking process of succession planning and talent management in union confederations as employers in Quebec and the Spanish Basque country have become her research focus. Blandine attempts to look at how in case examples of organizations, industries or regions, HRM practices evolve with organizational reflexivity and experimentation due to a concern for better work within respective institutional configurations and logic.