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Skills training for net-zero economy boosts building workforce and helps reduce emissions

To achieve its net-zero goals, Canada needs a pipeline of workers equipped with the latest green building skills. Here’s how one unique training program is helping.

Our sustainable future brings both opportunities and challenges for workforce 

Recently I was asked to speak about advancing work as it relates to one of the biggest global policy challenges of our time – transforming...

Tackling climate change demands retraining, rethinking and collective will

To avert the worst impacts of climate change, Canada has set an ambitious goal, aiming for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. And although this...

Accelerator program helps sustainable commuting organization turn ideas into reality

As a sustainable commuting organization, pointA works to reduce the negative impact of congestion and create a healthier, happier workforce. When we were offered the...

Upskilling the labour force for the clean economy

If Canada is to avoid the dire climate change scenarios predicted by scientists, then our economic activity must become more sustainable.  Although Canada accounts for...

The future of work in the era of demographic, digital and green transitions

This is a translation. Please click here for the original blog post in French. The employment landscape is changing, facing three major transitions: demographic, digital...

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