Shock-proofing the future of work

We are making a significant $32 million investment in projects supporting workers and employers in Canada.

The 64 funded projects explore ways that evolving or emerging sectors and technologies can support workers displaced from socio-economic shocks as well as strengthening the economy of tomorrow.

As Canada faces the reality of an extended recovery period for many sectors and populations, the launch of these projects will explore emerging opportunities to support longer term views for skills and employment development.

By testing real world solutions, we aim to help workers — especially those facing multiple barriers to full employment – in acquiring the skills they need to thrive despite changes in the workforce.

Learn how the projects will impact thousands of Canadians

What is shock-proofing the future of work about?

How does shock-proofing the future of work foster innovation?

How do the shock-proofing projects benefit Canadians?

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Woman in blazer writing in notebook.

Path to customer success

This project will assist diverse and marginalized women who have lost their jobs in the…
Hand pressing buttons on a security keypad.

Virtual learning in Canada’s infrastructure sector

People who seek training to work in utilities in support of Canada’s critical infrastructure get…
Large group of individuals raising their hands in participation.

Connecting youth to jobs with AI

Hiring practices will become more inclusive through an AI-enabled job posting tool.
Man making a fishing net.

Gauging the potential of occupational pluralism in rural Atlantic Canada

Studying the Maritimes’ seasonal labour supply challenge and assessing the feasibility of education and training…
Two individuals sitting across from eachother discussing with a notepad.

Newcomer inclusion in Quebec small to medium enterprises

This project will help the manufacturing sector identify and improve the experience of onboarding immigrants…
Two young individuals in a boat holding up a plankton net.

Securing sustainable northern fisheries

This partnership supports small-scale Arctic fisheries by introducing and promoting locally harvested products to Canada’s…
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