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Indigenous finance and management professionals: critical for reconciliation and indigenous self-determination

Indigenous skilled labour is critical to realizing a new vision of economic reconciliation. And Indigenous finance and management professionals have a key role to play. As project leads, technical advisors, brokers, and wealth managers, they can help their communities navigate the new and increasingly complex economic relationships. 

Document highlights

In a recent series of interviews with Indigenous executives and senior managers from the world of finance and management, we learned that prospects in the resources sector are only the beginning of a bold new vision of Indigenous economic self-determination in partnership with Canada. Yet the complementary knowledge, skills, and cultural aptitudes that leading Indigenous finance and management professionals possess are not currently taught in most business schools. This situation must change to improve Indigenous economic self-determination and help Canada meaningfully advance toward economic reconciliation.

Key findings

There are not enough Indigenous finance and management professionals to meet the evolving needs of Indigenous communities and their economic partners.

Indigenous communities require their own corporate services to take full advantage of their economic rights and chart a course for self-determination.

Indigenous finance and management professionals can empower their communities to take on bigger and bolder equity stakes in economic projects.