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Business teamwork concept with a businessman moving a chess piece queen up a series of steps formed by blocks being put in place by his team.

Examining Quality of Work in Grand Erie: an assessment of needs, gaps and opportunities

This project identified gaps in how employers, employees and job seekers within regions of Grand…
A man interacts with artificial intelligence to optimize and automate computing, security, backup, cloud and data transfer processes.

HireNext Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled Job Posting Tool 

The tool lets employers evaluate existing job postings’ structure and wording through an equity, diversity…
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Mapping racialized experiences in the real estate development industry

The real estate development industry is vital to Canada’s economy, but there is low representation…
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Strength in Structure

The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity’s Strength in Structure project engaged Black youth and Black-focused,…
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The Impact of Remote Work on Engineering

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers sought to understand the impact on productivity and work…
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Career Advancement for Immigrant Professionals 2.0

Help underemployed immigrant professionals overcome barriers to career advancement and help employers retain and leverage…
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Tech-enabled learning programs for the mining industry

Project will be three two-week unique, demand-driven, and blended-learning training programs using VR, eLearning, simulations…