Annotated Bibliography

Future Skills

This annotated bibliography includes summaries of 39 key publications on “Future Skills” which were selected based on their influence, their timeliness, and their geographic coverage.

In other words, this annotated bibliography represents a combination of influential papers, recent work from the key organizations working in this area, and a reasonable level of global and Canadian coverage. These 39 key publications were selected from our more extensive list of references, the Future Skills Reference Database.

This annotated bibliography is not exhaustive. It is designed to serve as a useful tool for researchers, especially Canadian researchers, who may need some initial guidance in terms of the key references in this area. Importantly, this bibliography is a work in progress and the future skills research team at the Diversity Institute will regularly update it as new material is published and identified.

In that vein, we encourage those with suggestions for improvements to this bibliography to connect with us directly at