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Mind the Gap: Strengthening Gender Diversity in the Canadian Economy

Elyse Watkins, Strategic Initiatives Consultant, Future Skills Centre, will be speaking at the National Collective of Women in Business’s 2 day virtual summit - Mind the Gap: Strengthening Gender Diversity in the Canadian Economy.

The Walrus Talks Advancing Work

The Walrus Talks Advancing Work will bring together leaders to share insights and discuss opportunities for supporting workers and strengthening communities. Now is the time to share challenges and solutions across sectors, demographics, and regions so that we can collaboratively reimagine existing expectations and systems of work.

Future Skills Summit: Driving action in Canada's skills ecosystem

The Future Skills Centre (FSC) is honoured to host leaders and representatives from all across Canada to share what we’re collectively learning and to discuss innovative ideas to shape our future work environment.

Fast track to skills

Microcredentials are gaining popularity as a responsive, accessible, and transferable form of education credentialing. However, a gap remains between employers more broadly recognizing these credentials as valid forms of skills training, and job seekers realizing better employment outcomes are possible as a result of pursuing microcredentials.

Creating a Fair and Equitable Canadian Energy Transformation

Future Skills Centre Director of Research, Evaluation and Knowledge Mobilization, Tricia Williams, and Director of Government and Public Affairs, Noel Baldwin, will appear before House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources about just transitions and green skills.

Bridging the school-to-work transition for youth

Join us for a conversation on the experiences of young people entering and navigating the workforce. We’ll discuss how training and guidance services are supporting learners, how the skills ecosystem can evolve to better serve youth, especially through the opportunities to advance underserved youth who have not benefited from current educational and training systems.

Future Skills at Cannexus23

Future Skills Centre (FSC) is partnering with CERIC to bring you a dedicated half-day stream of programming called Future Skills @Cannexus as part of the in-person conference.

2022 Futures Workforce Development Conference

This year's Futures Conference focused on strengthening foundations for inclusion, professional development for the front lines, and best practices sharing, with special presentations from international speakers.

Forum on Skills and Knowledge for Innovation and Societal Impact

Tricia Williams, FSC's director of research, evaluation and knowledge mobilization, will be sharing insights from our Accelerator program during a talk called "Emerging Researchers and the Skills for Inclusive Social Innovation. What are the gaps in training?" Other speakers include Gail Bowkett, Meagan Trush, and Ian Wereley.

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