Lawrence Daniels is the Sole Owner and Chief Executive Officer of FireSpirit Inc., a growing Manitoba Indigenous Human Resources Company. FireSpirit provides specialized employment services for a broad spectrum of clients in Winnipeg and the Northwestern Region of Manitoba. Lawrence strives to deliver a value-based service that celebrates Indigenous knowledge, while recognizing the importance of participating in a modern, globalized economy.

In collaboration with a broad base of partners he works to combine both modern concepts and indigenous frameworks to create unique tools within FireSpirit. These tools include Holistic Job Coaching Models, Indigenous/Experiential Essential Skills Curriculums, Resilience Building Tools, Workplace Policy Development, Recruitment and Retention strategies for Indigenous and Northern populations.

As a long-time resident and member of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation Lawrence continues to pursue a deeper understanding of innovative business practices, Indigenous Culture, and better ways to improve self sufficiency for all Canadians. This pursuit will ultimately lead to FireSpirit evolving from an employee driven company, to a community driven by fellow entrepreneurs.