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Where to next?: Beyond the skills gap: Higher education for a changing world

We know the future of work is coming. Technology is reshaping our world and changing how businesses create and capture value. Workers know they need to adapt. The skills required today won’t be the same tomorrow. We’re already starting to feel this impact – and it’s only set to accelerate. Yet we’re still not moving quickly enough. Australia faces a critical moment to define the future. If we get it right, we could gain a $36 billion annual increase to national income by 2030. To achieve it, we need a path beyond the skills gap. It rests on governments, businesses and the education sector working together and supporting Australians as they enhance their skills. In a world moving faster, we must reshape education as a lifelong experience, allowing workers to engage with learning how, when and where they want. Prior experience and knowledge must be recognised, so value is captured and future learning is incentivised. A collaborative effort is required to encourage continuous learning and development and upskill the workforce at the scale needed to respond to the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Download the report to explore the research findings and Deloitte’s four recommendations on how education providers, employers and governments can act today to close the skills gap.