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Web 2.0 et partage de l’information. Étude dans une multinationale de jeux vidéo (Ubisoft)

The video game companies are at the crossroads of creative and technological paths. They face numerous organizational challenges and must find a balance between the need to carry out large projects in on time and that encourage collaboration among its teams to facilitate innovation. This article attempts to answer the following questions: How do employees access the video games they information they need every day? How does Web 2.0 type tools are ranked among all existing sources in the company? From an empirical study in one of the biggest studios in the world video games, we show that the digital tools of web 2.0 type are at the heart of employee practices. We interviewed twenty-nine actors following the methodology and the theoretical framework of Diane Sonnewald called informational horizon. Our results show the diversity and importance of the tools used to access to information. The devices adapted web 2.0 business place the user at the heart of innovation and now appear as tools of institutional vision for the sharing of information. [googletranslate_en]