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The rise of cognitive work (re) design: Applying cognitive tools to knowledge-based work

Cognitive technologies and business process reengineering could be a match made in heaven, but only if organisations do the work to redesign their processes with cognitive technologies’ specific capabilities in mind.
New automation and cognitive technologies present a unique opportunity to redesign knowledge-based work, but they likely will not do so without a concerted effort to redesign work processes around their capabilities. In order to achieve the productivity and effectiveness benefits that these technologies offer, companies may need to adopt, or readopt, techniques from a variety of systematic approaches to process improvement and change.
Key Take-outs:
While other approaches to organizational structure—primarily including business functions such as marketing, finance, and supply chain—may be more familiar, business processes can bring a powerful perspective on monitoring and improving work. Process thinking is at the core of not only business process reengineering, but also Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, and Lean.