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The future of work: It’s borderless, lightning-fast, and highly creative

The good news is that many organizations are adapting. In the preliminary findings of a Cisco survey of more than 1300 knowledge workers across nine countries, 93 percent believed that their organizations are making changes for the future of work. But that doesn’t mean it’s enough. In looking at changes implemented across key areas, the survey revealed that many organizations still have a long way to go. This is true for investing in the technology foundation — including collaboration tools, devices, applications, mobility, and automation — where 69 percent are driving changes. But it is especially critical when it comes to driving cultural changes, adapting the work environment, and changing the way work is being done. True transformation occurs when organizations drive change on multiple fronts, including creating the kind of culture that values trust, individual growth, work/life balance, diversity, and the free exchange of ideas, as well as the organizational structure that enables faster and more dynamic ways of working.