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The future of work: Debunking myths and navigating new realities

As workplace automation increasingly becomes the norm, myths about artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are giving way to new realities of what it will take to engage and lead talent in an evolving work ecosystem. The use of workplace automation is expected to nearly double in the next three years according to our 2017 Global Future of Work Survey. While survey respondents report that 12% of work is currently being done using AI and robotics versus just 7% three years ago, they anticipate that this figure will rise to 22% in the next three years. With the surge in workplace automation, employers are moving beyond automation myths and stereotypes. A growing number recognize the need for breakthrough approaches in talent and rewards as well as leadership activities in order to optimally manage the many emerging work options ranging from contingent labor to automation. But few employers are fully prepared to implement the organizational changes required to meet this challenge.