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The employment of workforce age 50 plus in the V4 countries

From an economic perspective, the current trend of European population aging, perceived as a serious problem, because of the rising costs of social security, pension policy of the state, long-term health care, employee training and not least the growth of unemployment benefits. The aim of paper was to identify and compare factors affecting age management and employment of workers age category 50+ in the V4 countries. On the basis of secondary data gained from statistical portals were assessed the current employment situation of workforce category 50+ in the V4 countries, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and the Slovak Republic. The obtained data were organized and processed into graphic form. To determine differences and dependent variables of interest were used two-dimensional contingency tables. For the analysis of contingency tables were used chi-square test, and the actual and expected values were compared. Results of testing and validation of hypotheses were discussed and processed into conclusion.