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The datification of human resources

Project Oxygen, which analyzed internal data to identify the key characteristics of effective leaders; a permanent group that conducts ongoing research into the most effective approaches to creating a productive environment; predictive modeling to forecast potential problems and identify opportunities; and a program to apply analytics to improve diversity. Specifically, the notion that employer demand exceeds the supply of talent and that talent is highly portable is emphasized several times in the book; that particular circumstance is not likely to apply for many R&D managers, especially those in specialty disciplines with limited options-the range of options software developers and marketing professionals in Silicon Valley have simply isn’t available to a material scientist working in the US Midwest. […]research managers may not find the principles to be as radical as the name (and its usage throughout the book) imply. […]Knott’s calculations show that RQ is positively correlated with incremental innovation and negatively correlated with radical innovation.