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The atlantic Canada framework for essential graduation learnings in schools

In 2013, the Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training (CAMET) launched a review of the Atlantic Canada Essential Graduation Learnings, the 1995 framework for curriculum development endorsed by the four Atlantic Provinces. A committee representing each province was formed to ensure the framework, guiding expectations for completion of public education, responded to the changing demands of work and life in the 21st century. A review of literature and research and of national and international documents informed revisions and additions to the 1995 framework. Following departmental consultation and committee collaboration, the updated version of the Atlantic Canada Framework for Essential Graduation Competencieswas finalized in 2015. This document provides a common vision of the competencies–a set of attitudes, skills, and knowledge–beyond foundational literacy and numeracy that prepare learners to engage in a lifetime of transitions and learning. It reflects the regional direction provinces want to take to achieve excellence and provides the flexibility todesign curricula based on provincial priorities and timelines. It is intended to ensure that all Atlantic Canadian students are prepared to seize opportunities and meet the challenges of the future.