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Supported internship trial for 16 to 24 year old learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities: An evaluation research report

Studies on the future of work tend to focus on the jobs at risk of automation, with projections varying widely from 6% to 59%. Sunil Johal and Michael Urban take a different approach in reviewing eight expert reports and the actions taken by nine ckey takeaways ;ountries to prepare for the challenges ahead. They distill key lessons for Canada to ensure workers are equipped with the skills they need to thrive in tomorrow’s economy, whatever shape it takes. In our first report in Skills Next, we look at top research and skills training programs that are succeeding internationally, and highlight for Canadian policymakers key features driving success. The future of work will disrupt traditional labour employer-worker relations in five distinct ways. So by looking at skills training programs around the globe, what can be learned about developing digital tools for citizens, building innovation hubs, effective public-private partnerships, responsible public spending, and legal reforms that policymakers can use at home?