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Methods of attraction and retention of generation Z staff

The contemporary job market is facing the arrival of new type of employee -generation Z representatives, known as “digital natives”, who are described as technological, social, global and developed, the most connected, clever and educated generation that ever existed before, driven by social media, influenced by brands and musical culture. At the moment, this generation is considered to be two billion big. This study is looking at the existing methods of generation Z staff attraction and retention in the company Evolution (Latvia), where they make a majority. Further analyzing which of the methods are perceived as most efficient and which values of this generation are met by the company. Methods include company literature review, questionnaires and interviews. It was concluded the Gen Z have specific preferences in communication and can be reached through a variety of social platforms and special events provided by the company. As potential and current employees, they are not looking for life-long employment, put forward their specific values and expect the potential employer to attract them by meeting their needs in terms of flexible working hours, flexible (varied) jobs where their individuality can be applied, company excellent reputation, innovation, speed of change, platform for educational and promotional advancement, specific fringe benefits.