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Les compétences du futur

For twenty years seem competency standards of the 21st century. These repositories are numerous and the Observatory presented a few in 2013 (Ouellet and Hart, 2013). All these references are similar, but recently dawning we see more in tune with skills this century whose titles are moving away from original formulations such as communication skills, collaboration, critical thinking, solving problems. The repository of the Future Institute (Institute for the Future2) is particularly interesting in this regard.
The IFTF the repository describes six engine changes being understood by this term, disturbances which are profoundly changing the nature and content of work (IFTF, 2011, p.3-5). The deployment of these changes calls for the development of essential skills to work in today’s world and tomorrow (IFTF, 2016). After a brief presentation engine changes, we describe these skills. [googletranslate_en]