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Le recours à l’embauche des travailleurs étrangers temporaires dans les secteurs saisonniers au Québec : le point de vue des employeurs

To meet its labor needs unskilled in seasonal sectors, Canada Hiring temporary foreign workers (TFWs). As part of a study on the hiring of management issues TFWs, employers and key informants were asked about the motivations of firms to use the TFW. The main motivation, unlike that which would be expected, is not cost saving. The interest to hire TFWs based on cost-utility considerations, such as benefit from available manpower, efficient, fair, and present all season, flexibility for employers to reduce the risk and uncertainty of production. Employers and give their preferences to TFW rather than local workers. TFWs would meet all their expectations of flexibility in terms of numbers, schedules, pay and skills. [googletranslate_en]