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La robotique

Building on the progress made in mechatronics and computing, robotics is developing ever more advanced sensorimotor functions that equip machines with a capacity to adapt to their ever-growing environment. So far, the industrial production system is organized around the machine; the machine was calibrated according to its environment and brooked little variation thereof. Today, it fits easily into an existing environment. More elaborate, it requires more expertise to its programming, resulting in the removal of low-skilled, repetitive and painful, in favor of maintenance jobs and supervision. The robot is a machine, and as such, as it has always been, he participated in the transformation of knowledge and the disappearance of some of them. Robotics is a scientific discipline in its own right, whose stakes questioning the mode of organization of our societies. It must be thought as such and its development must be strongly supported by public search for quality, which addresses all the dimensions of both scientific and technical, economic and sociological. [googletranslate_en]