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Inclusion of refugees in technical and vocational education and training: An exploration into funding, planning and delivery

This research by the British Council examines the inclusion of refugees in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in five countries – Ethiopia, Jordan, Pakistan, South Africa and the UK. An index and supporting analytical report were created through evidence gathered from interviews with stakeholders in these countries and a desk review. The index and report compare TVET for refugees across these countries through the themes of availability, accessibility, acceptability and adaptability. The main findings of the research are: TVET for refugees exists in all of the countries but it is never universally available to all refugees; refugee policy and bureaucratic practices create barriers which deny refugees access to TVET; however, policymakers in some countries have relaxed policies in order to enable refugees to access TVET; TVET often fails to provide refugees with learning opportunities that are personally acceptable. The training on offer rarely takes account of refugees’ prior learning, work experience, cultural practices or aspirations for the future; policymakers, funders and education providers make a reasonable effort to adapt existing policies, funding systems and programmes to the needs of refugees.