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In perfect harmony: Improving skills delivery in England

This report argues that, despite some reform progress, the education and training system in England, particularly for young people and retraining adults, has not delivered the skills needed for growth and innovation. The report acknowledges that effective skills delivery is difficult and so presents the outcomes of dialogue between CBI and providers, local and national government, and businesses of all sizes on what can be done. Two consistent messages emerged from the conversations. Firstly, that England’s skills system needs stability – the incentives, funding and regulation it uses should act as a strategic national framework that encourages local innovation and investment. Secondly, that all involved – business, government and providers – need to change their approach to skills provision. Investment of time, collaboration and genuine partnership are essential, and will require everyone to shift behaviour, tone and practice. Local leadership within a stable national framework is the key., The conclusions of this report are designed to make a practical contribution on how to ensure current skills reforms can be used to drive a generational change, not just another turn of the policy wheel. The Industrial Strategy can only be successful if we get this right.