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Entrepreneurial curriculum through digital-age learning in higher education – A process-based model

ICT revolution with direct impact on digital economy and society involves new knowledge, skills and competences for students striving to compete and succeed in a technological rich marketplace. The higher education providers are accountable for inspiring and helping students to acquire relevant and updated skills i.e. entrepreneurial and digital skills needed to innovate in the world of work. These challenges require designing entrepreneurial curriculum to promote innovation and exploitation of the potential of new technologies and digital content. The paper aims to support the modernisation initiatives of organisational organisations i.e. higher education institutions in the attempt to embrace digital technologies in teaching and learning practices. It proposes a process-based model to integrate and leverage digital learning technologies in teaching, learning and organisational practices. The results depict a coherent methodology for designing, applying, over sighting and fine-tuning the entrepreneurial curriculum with embedded digital-age learning practices as key means for stepping up digital changes in educational practices.