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Employment outcomes of Canadian postsecondary students with learning disabilities

The employment outcomes of 35 Canadian postsecondary graduates with learning disabilities (LD) were investigated. It was found that 67.7 per cent of respondents were working full-time, earning salaries comparable to those in the general population of college graduates without LD. While 56.9 per cent of respondents indicated that their work was affected by LD, only 47. 1 per cent had ever disclosed their LD in the workplace or requested formal workplace accommodations (11. 8 per cent). Most respondents reported employing the use of compensatory strategies in order to overcome obstacles presented by their LD. High ratings of job satisfaction and high perceptions of employment self-efficacy were reported. Implications of the findings in terms of successful individuals with LD and effective transition planning are discussed, as well as limitations and directions for future research.