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Effect of labour market information (LMI): Comparison between independent and assisted use of LMI

According to a large meta-analysis (Brown and Ryan Krane, 2000), labour market information (LMI) is a critical ingredient in achieving career goals of individuals. This study aims to assess the effect of LMI use, with and without the help of a counsellor, taking into account the possible presence of differential effects according to client consultation needs (career choice or job search). Clients (n = 203) in job centres in New Brunswick and Saskatchewan were assigned randomly to two delivery modes: the independent self-help (use of LMI without help) or the assisted self-help (use of LMI with help of a counsellor). The results suggest that the LMI effect over time, although it is significant in both groups, is more important when participants are assisted by a counsellor. At the clinical level, this effect is moderate (Cohen, 1988). This result does not differ significantly according to the client consultation needs.