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Compétences numériques : Des compétences pour soutenir le passage au numérique des PME

In order to stay competitive and improve their performance, manufacturing SMEs must develop new strategies and new business processes that rely on the use of information technology and communication (ICT). Currently, the challenges for SMEs are numerous with one hand, the transformation that occurs at high speed in manufacturing companies, including through massive public investment, and secondly, the intensification e-commerce that changes not only the retail business models, but becomes a lever management and coordination of supply chains. In this context, companies that want to remain competitive and increase their use of digital technology must have leaders who are equipped to understand the opportunities of digital and teams who have the skills to make the most of ICT. Indeed, investment in the acquisition and use of new ICT is only part of the equation, the balance based on the ability of employees of a company to make use of ICT, but also to intensify this use in their work context. The role of users in the development of the digital capacity of the organization is central today. Clearly, the development of digital skills is at the heart of the modernization of the industrial fabric Quebec. 7 In addition to the challenges for the organization, the development of this digital skills a challenge since the workers have to adapt to technological and organizational changes. There is also no doubt that mastery of digital skills is a professional success factor, the results published by the OECD indicates that “the fact of achieving the highest levels of problem solving skills to using ICT increases the probability to be more active, for an adult, by 6 percentage points compared to individuals at the lowest levels in this area, even after controlling for factors such as age, gender, level of education. “1 In addition, adults without experience with ICT are less likely to be active and when they are, are paid less. But what “digital skills” need organizations and their staff? What are the characteristics of these skills? CEFRIO has, in 2012, wanted to explore the issue of digital skills in the context of digital switchover SMEs. He then commissioned a research team under the measure 2.0 SMEs formed Amélie Bernier and Dragos Vieru TELUQ and Simon Bourdeau from the University of Quebec in Montreal, to offer some answers to these questions . [googletranslate_en]