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Career development practice in Canada: Perspectives, principles, and professionalism

Many of Canada’s foremost career practitioners have contributed to this unique textbook for students of career development – the first to describe the principles and ethical practice of career development in a Canadian context, and to examine the development and maturing of the profession in Canada. Designed with content, resources, and activities to be a learning tool for students, a resource for educators, and a reference for career practitioners in the field, the book is ideal for students and educators of career development at community colleges and universities, workshop leaders and attendees, and career professionals. Much attention is given to the nuts and bolts” of the practice for developing relationships with clients helping clients with career planning and decision making and equipping clients with job search skills. Diversity and social justice are strong themes. Chapters examine the needs of special populations: Aboriginal peoples immigrants refugees and the poor. Career development is a lifelong process of managing learning and work. Chapters describe the challenges and the approaches for guiding the process for students in elementary school through high school and in the postsecondary years. Professionalism runs throughout the text – ethical practice historical development Canadian Standards and Guidelines competency and attention to current pressing issues. Among these are accountability of career practitioners and evaluating the efficacy of career services. The text concludes with a look at the transformations that are taking place in the career development sector. “Career Development Practice in Canada is the first comprehensive Canadian book to offer the insights of researchers educators and practitioners on the key issues related to the theory and practice of lifelong career development in Canada. It will go a long way toward moving career development theory and practice forward in our country.” -WILLIAM A BORGEN Professor Counselling Psychology University of British Columbia “While books in career counselling are myriad this book orients readers through an informed scholarly inquiry into the Canadian context. The editors have done a remarkable job of garnering contributions from a selection of Canadian researchers educators and practitioners. The result is a thorough sensible comprehensive resource in career development that will interest and instruct students educators and practitioners. This book will serve to sustain and facilitate our vibrant career development profession.” -MILDRED CAHILL Professor Faculty of Education Memorial University of Newfoundland “Over the past decade as a career counsellor educator I have had to piece together diverse resources to meet the needs of the learners. No more! Now we have a comprehensive text focused on Canadian career development one that eloquently articulates multiple perspectives established principles and standards of professional practice. This book is a must read.” -ROB STRABY Professor Career Development Practitioner Certificate Program Conestoga College ABOUT THE EDITORS Blythe C. Shepard is an associate professor in Counselling Psychology at the University of Lethbridge. Her research and teaching have been in the areas of life-career development rural youth transitions and rural women’s career paths counsellor training and identity clinical supervision child and adolescent mental health and families living with children with FASD. In 2013 she became president of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Priya S. Mani is an associate professor in Counselling Psychology at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Education. Her research interest revolves around exploring the perception of supports barriers and different contexts that constrain and/or facilitate career development for Indo-Canadian young men and women.”