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Banque de financement et d’investissement (BFI) : nouveaux paradigmes et nouvelles technologies

Nora-Minc report on the computerization of the French company time now over forty years. He compared prophetically the bank to “the steel of tomorrow,” citing market saturation, production surpluses, inadequate capital, disrupted telematics and informatics, as well as production costs .
 The current digital revolution that affects the investment bank strangely resonates with the diagnosis mentioned above, even if it occurs in a fundamentally different context.
 In fact, the investment bank has suffered during the past decade, a triple shock:
 First, the CIB has faced a major crisis over the period 2007-2008;
 Second, and partly in response to this crisis, investment banks suffered massive regulatory impact;
 Finally, as it was before the retail banking, investment banking is facing? the challenge of digital transformation.
 Resulting from multiple innovations if not technological revolutions, digital transformation is certainly a potential source of growth and productivity gains, but it is inevitably accompanied by a cultural change and organizational adjustments that need to be mastered. [googletranslate_en]