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Atração e desligamento voluntário de jovens empregados: Um estudo de caso no setor jornalístico

Attraction and voluntary resignation of young workers: a case study in the newspaper industry. In this exploratory case study, developed into a large company of the newspaper industry, the purpose was to analyze factors of attraction and resignation of young people who voluntarily chose to leave the organization. The theoretical basis for this research was built on the following aspects: job and career aspirations of Generation Y workers; factors of attraction and retention, and organizational culture, given the organization’s need to adapt its culture to the strategic competitive challenges it has been facing. The data collection was made through in-depth interviews with 17 members of the Generation Y, who chose to leave after at least one year working in the company. As main factors of attraction, there were the image and reputation of the company’s leading newspaper, which greatly contributes to its employer brand. On the other hand, some traits of the organizational culture were in contrast with the participants’ values, indicating a mismatch that may be leading the organization to lose young talent, considered important due to the identified need for a cultural change. Regarding the personal motivations to leave the company, three groups were identified – idealistic ones, career-oriented ones and immediatist ones – driven by different desires and professional perspectives.