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Technology Impacts on Quality of Work in Canada

The role of technology in the world of work is only anticipated to intensify in the coming years. And while technology offers considerable promise, there are a number of risks associated with the onset of alternative forms of work, including remote work, gig work and the sharing economy.

Shaping the Future of Work in Canada: Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

The research explored the extent of economic and job quality inequities between those who had access to remote work options during the pandemic and those who did not, as well as the widening disparity in job satisfaction between the two groups.

Examining Quality of Work in Grand Erie: an assessment of needs, gaps and opportunities

This project identified gaps in how employers, employees and job seekers within regions of Grand Erie support and experience the quality of work.

Digital technologies and the impact on quality of work in Canada

This paper explores the ways digital technologies affects quality of work, skills needs and developments, and associated policy implications.

Monitoring Remote Work in Canada: Support or Surveillance

This research examined the experiences and attitudes towards remote work in Canada for employees and supervisors and sought to understand how the arrangement has affected productivity, satisfaction, trust and well-being.

Quality of Work of Canada’s Contingent Workforce

This research sheds light on the reasons why people engage in gig work and the policy levers needed to mitigate the risks associated with this new form of employment.

The right to disconnect in Canada’s post-pandemic context

This research identified legal, operational and policy considerations when implementing a Right to Disconnect policy by examining how Canadian provinces and other countries have approached the issue.

Improving the quality of work in Canada: Prioritizing mental health with diverse and inclusive benefits

This research examines the relationship between access to benefits and quality of work in the current Canadian context, with a central focus on mental health and well-being, diverse forms of care and greater inclusion for those without benefits.
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