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Work 4.0 white paper: Re-imagining work

This White Paper on what we have called œWork 4.0 is the culmination of a consultation process launched in April 2015 with the publication of a Green Paper by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. œWork 4.0 is a necessary extension of the debate about the digitalisation of the economy, generally referred to as œIndustry 4.0. The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs invited associations, trade unions and businesses to submit responses, held numerous specialised workshops and events, commissioned academic studies, and formed an impression of public opinion based on a direct dialogue with the public at local level – for example during the œFuturale film festival. The overarching question was: how can we preserve or even strengthen our vision of quality jobs and decent work (Gute Arbeit) in an era of digital transformation and societal change?