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Women and the future of work

This publication reports the findings from a combined quantitative and qualitative study of Australian working women, aged under 40. It draws together four separate data sources: a nationally representative online survey of (n=2,109) working women under 40; a smaller comparative survey of (n=502) working men under 40; additional boosted survey sample among (n=53) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander working women aged under 40; and the findings from five focus groups of (n=41) working women under 40. Quantitative fieldwork was conducted between September and October, while qualitative fieldwork was conducted in November 2017. At the time of being surveyed: over half of the women in the sample (55%) were working full-time or part-time for an employer, a fifth (19%) were working on a casual, freelance or short-term contract basis and 6% were self-employed. Half of the women (55%) were working in the private sector, 28% in the public sector and 6% for not-for-profit organisations. Over half (56%) were working in four industry sectors: retail trade, healthcare and social assistance, education and training, and accommodation and food services.