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What’s yours is mine: Against the sharing economy

The news is full of their names, supposedly the vanguard of a rethinking of capitalism. Lyft, Airbnb, Taskrabbit, Uber, and many more companies have a mandate of disruption and upending the œold order–and they’ve succeeded in effecting the œbiggest change in the American workforce in over a century, according to former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich. But this new wave of technology companies is funded and steered by very old-school venture capitalists. In What’s Yours Is Mine, internationally-acclaimed technologist Tom Slee argues the socalled sharing economy damages development, extends harsh free-market practices into previously protected areas of our lives, and presents the opportunity for a few people to make fortunes by damaging communities and pushing vulnerable individuals to take on unsustainable risk. This revised and updated edition of Slee’s original œsmart and searing critique includes a new foreword by the author.