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What do consumers appreciate about on-demand economy workers?

The sharing economy is generating different kinds of debates. One of them refers to the labor facet of this digital-based economy, usually known as the on-demand economy, gig economy, or digital labor market. Media and relevant institutions have published different news articles and reports describing this new form of work. Working in the on-demand economy is considered to have both negative and positive features. The latter contemplate the on-demand economy as an opportunity for anyone who wants to earn income. Nevertheless, the literature in this field has been criticized for its high rhetoric, and more empirical evidence is required. Based on more than 6,000 consumer comments, this study analyzes what consumers value about the work provided through two gig economy platforms. Results show that being successful in the on-demand economy is not as easy as commonly stated because consumers clearly value professionalism and excellent services. This information can help workers and institutions to understand what kind of performance is expected in order to be successful in this new labor market.